User agreement

This User Agreement (hereinafter - the "Agreement") governs the relationship between the owner of the site "Etiona", located on the Internet at, Khatmullina Elena Vladimirovna (Further - "Site", "Site Administration", respectively ), on the one hand, and by the user of the site (hereinafter referred to as the `User`), on the other hand, arising from the use of the Site, on the conditions specified in this Agreement.

1. Terms and Definitions

In this Agreement, the terms indicated below have the following meanings:

Agreement - this user agreement with all additions and changes governing the operation of the Site and the User`s interaction with it, posted on the Internet at;

User - a legally capable individual who has acceded to the Agreement, acting in his own interest or acting on behalf of and in the interests of the legal entity he represents;

Site Administration - an individual who provides the Services for the purpose of their use by the User through the Site.

Site - Internet sites located in the domain and its subdomains containing information on nosological forms of diseases, symptoms of diseases and medical procedures provided for information purposes;

Service - services / complex of services, functionality, tools available to the User on the Site in connection with its use;

Personal data - any information, information related to the User (personal data subject) and allowing him to be identified, transmitted to the Site Administration and processed by it as an operator.

2. General Provisions

2.1. Using the Service in any way and in any form, including, but not limited to, viewing materials posted on the Site, registering and / or authorizing on the Site using identification data (login and password), posting or displaying any materials on the Site, means the User confirms his legal capacity, as well as its full and unconditional acceptance of this Agreement in accordance with Articles 437 and 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (general provisions on offer and acceptance).

2.2. The Agreement is an offer with an unlimited validity period, addressed to an indefinite number of persons, containing the offer of the Site Administration to consider itself as having concluded a free license agreement with the User (simple license), providing the latter with the right to use the results of intellectual activity, including the content of the Site, as set forth in the Agreement conditions, as well as for purposes not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

2.3. The User Agreement may be changed by the Site Administrator at any time without any special notice to the User. The new version of the Agreement shall enter into force upon its posting on the website Use of the Site after the new edition of the User Agreement has entered into force means the consent of the User and the full application of the provisions of the new edition to it.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties

3.1. The site administration has the right:

3.1.1. At any time, revise or change the conditions for the provision of the Service, supplement, change, limit, expand the functionality of the Site and / or Services, including the conditions for the User to access the Services or individual functional capabilities of the Site.

3.1.2. In the event of repeated or gross violation of the terms of this Agreement and / or the requirements of the current legislation, unilaterally terminate relations with the User, suspend or cancel the registration of the User, delete the user account and block access to the site.

3.1.3. Suspend the operation of the Site, as well as partially or completely restrict access to the Site and / or Services if it is necessary to carry out maintenance and (or) modernization of the Site and / or Services.

3.2. The user has the right to:

3.2.1. Get free access to use the Site and / or Services in the manner prescribed by the Site Administration.

3.2.2. To ask any questions related to the Services presented on the Site and other information posted on the Site.

3.2.3. At any time, stop using the Site and / or Services in case of, inter alia, disagreement with the terms of the new version of the Agreement, refusal to provide information services.

3.3. The user of the Site agrees:

3.3.1. Use the Site solely for the purposes and procedure provided for by the Agreement and not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

3.3.2. Regularly get acquainted with the current edition of the User Agreement.

3.3.3. Provide upon request of the Site Administration additional information that is directly related to the Services provided.

3.3.4. Do not use the Site to disseminate information of an advertising nature, unless advertising is posted with the consent of the Site Administration.

3.3.5. Do not use any devices, programs, procedures, algorithms and methods, automatic devices or equivalent manual processes for accessing, acquiring, copying and / or tracking the content of the Site, or disrupt the proper functioning of the Site.

3.3.6. Not to use the Site and / or Services to download content that is illegal violates any rights of third parties; promotes violence, cruelty, hatred and / or discrimination on racial, national, gender, religious, social grounds; contains inaccurate information and / or insults to specific individuals, organizations, authorities; as well as in order to induce the commission of illegal actions, to assist persons whose actions are aimed at violating the restrictions and prohibitions in force in the territory of the Russian Federation; violation of the rights of minors and / or harm to them in any form; infringement of the rights of minorities.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

4.1. The site administration owns the exclusive rights to the Site as a whole and its components separately, including exclusive rights to any intellectual property included in their composition, including, but not limited to, program code, databases, design works, texts.

4.2. A person using the Site and / or Service is granted a limited right to use them in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Using the Site does not provide for the transfer of rights to the indicated results of intellectual activity or their components.

4.3. Any reproduction and / or publication by the User of materials posted on the Site without a link to the Site is prohibited and is a direct violation of the User Agreement.

4.4. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the User also grants the Site Administration the right to use (permission to use) materials, which, for its part, add to (place or broadcast) the Site.

5. Responsibility of the Parties

5.1. For violation of the terms of this Agreement, the Parties shall bear responsibility established by the Agreement and / or the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

5.2. The site administration does not bear any responsibility for diagnostic findings, recommendations and any other information posted on the Site solely for informational purposes.

The result of the Service is not an official diagnosis and cannot replace a doctor`s consultation. Using the information posted on the Site, the User understands and accepts that the Site Administration is not responsible for the decision made by the User when he perceives the information as recommendations for the treatment of certain diseases, and also realizes that in case of self-treatment, without a proper visit to the doctor, negative consequences are possible, including harm to health.

5.3. The site administration is not responsible for the risk of adverse consequences as a result of:

5.3.1. unlawful actions of third parties aimed at violating information security or the normal functioning of the Site;

5.3.2. failures of the Site caused by errors in the code, computer viruses and other extraneous fragments of code on the Site;

5.3.3. the absence (impossibility of establishing, terminating) of Internet connections between the User`s server and the server on which the Site is located, as well as in other cases related to disruption of the Site due to the actions (inaction) of third parties.

6. Protection of personal information

6.1. By joining the terms of this Agreement, the User, in full accordance with Clause 1 of Part 1 of Article 9 of the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 N 152-FL `On Personal Data` gives written consent to the automated processing of the personal data provided by him for the purpose of concluding and executing this Agreement, as well as for feedback with the User, sending the parties proposals, claims and other messages.

6.2. The information received by the Site Administration (personal data) is confidential and is not subject to disclosure by the Site Administration, unless disclosure is mandatory under the laws of the Russian Federation.

6.3. The site administration does not carry out any processing of personal data relating to the health status and intimate life of Users (special personal data).

7. Final provisions

7.1. This Agreement, the procedure for its conclusion and execution, as well as issues not regulated by this Agreement, are governed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

7.2. All disputes arising from legal relations under this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations.

7.3. If the parties do not come to an agreement during the negotiations, such disputes shall be referred to the court at the location of the Site Administration.

Details of the Administration of the site

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