Looking for the cause of the disease?

Use the `Etiona` online service!

Enter the symptoms and find out the possible disease options.

The conclusion in the form of interactive drawings from chains of causal relationships will explain why such a result was obtained.

The program will tell you other possible signs for each disease and help you choose the most suspicious ailments.

Let the artificial intelligence help in finding a solution to your problem!

Free for the entire testing period.

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For whom is this online service?

For a doctor if he:

  • conducts differential diagnosis for a combination of diverse symptoms.
  • applies a systematic approach in the diagnostic search to treat the patient, not the disease.
  • did not find pathology in the patient according to his profile and wants to tell him the direction for further examination.

For the patient if he:

  • he walks in circles on specialists, and they only shrug in bewilderment.
  • unsuccessfully examined or treated for a long time
  • repeatedly consulted by doctors, but does not have an accurate diagnosis, needs advice, what else can be excluded to establish the causes of the disease state.

Even if the patient already has many correct diagnoses, the root cause of all diseases sometimes no one knows.

For example, a patient with Sjogren`s disease can be treated for many years:

-orotinolaryngologist from atrophic rhinopharyngolaryngitis and sinusitis,

-oculist from keratoconjunctivitis,

-dentist for sialadenitis, caries and stomatitis,

-neurologist from neuropathy,

therapist for tracheobronchitis, cholecystitis and atrophic gastritis

All diagnoses are correct, but the true reason for this bouquet is Sjogren`s disease, which remains undiagnosed in half the cases.

Graph of Sjogren`s disease

Why Etiona if the patient has already been examined many times?

In the legend, blind sages touched only 1 part of an elephant and each described it in their own way. Medicine looks similar.

The doctor has the right to diagnose only what is within the framework of his specialty, he is limited by the short time of reception, the equipment of the office and the capabilities of his human memory, as a result, the diagnoses that lie on the surface are more often established. Attempts to look deep into the dynamic picture of the disease are rare.

Etiona - this is perhaps the most affordable opportunity to analyze all the heterogeneous symptoms of the patient at once and see what can be hidden behind it, the program in its logical conclusions will take into account the knowledge of thousands of diseases at the same time.

Look at the disease wider, see the `medical elephant` entirely with Etiona!

the disease is similar to an elephant, which everyone described in parts, but as a whole, no one saw

Why, if there is an Internet search engine?

Etiona in a couple of minutes will find many options for the causes of the disease for differential diagnosis, saving you the time that you could spend on an independent search in hundreds of articles issued by the Internet search engine.

From the rendered graph, you can easily understand why the program showed you this or that result: Etiona will translate the scientific terms into descriptions understandable to any person, will take into account the possible etiopathogenetic transformations and for your convenience will highlight all the significant nodes in the response in different colors, in accordance with their role in the picture of pathology

Etiona will hypothesize the development of the disease, even if a similar case has not yet been described in the literature.

When creating each answer graph, scientific knowledge obtained immediately from many medical sources will be simultaneously applied.

Artificial intelligence will apply the knowledge gained from millions of books in order to help solve your diagnostic puzzle.

Other benefits of Etiona:

A few vivid symptoms are enough

No hourly questionnaires from hundreds of complex clarifying questions.

Huge selection of complaints and illnesses

When creating a request, you have access to a list of ~ 6000 symptoms and diseases (growing regularly)

Symptoms understood by you.

You can include in your question both simple complaints that the child understands and complex medical terms.

No registration.


About program device

"Etiona" calculates the possible causes of the disease, generating causal chains from the known etiopathogenetic relationships. At the moment, the memory contains information about only a small part of the diseases existing in the world. But the database of the program is updated regularly and what was not found today may be found next time.

The service may be useful today if you are looking for the reasons why the following symptoms and diseases appeared: fever, anemia, chest pain, heart pain, rash, joint pain, jaundice, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, increased blood pressure , tachycardia, diarrhea, constipation, decreased appetite, bleeding, runny nose, nasal congestion, weakness, pneumonia, cyanosis, renal failure, increased triglycerides, enlarged spleen, enlarged liver, enlarged lymph nodes, nosebleeds, headache, itching, th dizziness, cough, abdominal pain.

Work examples

( Do not forget to watch the video demo before starting your independent work)

Опция: The roots of the symptoms

Find out what can cause weakness and chest pain.

We`ll go to the facts entry page by clicking on the green button with the inscription `Try it yourself!`

Step 1

Make a list of facts to create a question.

We`ll select and enter the symptoms to be examined in the list. At the end, press the green button with the inscription `Find out Etiona`s answer`.

screenshot of symptom input window

Step 2

Get the answer.

Consider the graphs of the calculated reasons. To see a complete and interactive answer to this question, click here.(177 possible reasons)

gif from screenshots of part of the program response

Step 3

Narrow down the diagnostic search.

Each disease or link in the pathogenesis may have other manifestations. Some of these possible consequences/symptoms can be seen by double-clicking on the node of interest. In the window that appears, select the features that also occur in this case by clicking on the blue cross at the end of the desired line. For example, add `suffocation` and `cough`. After viewing the entire list, click the blue button `close` at the bottom of the window.

screenshot of a window with a list of effects / manifestations for a previously selected node

Step 4

Get the second sorted answer.

If additional symptoms were noted, then Etiona will redraw the graphs taking into account the newly marked signs, the path from the cause to the newly entered symptom will appear where it is possible with sufficient probability. Having finished searching for additional symptoms, click on the green button `new question` and in the next answer, Etiona will sort the graphs depending on the number of matching symptoms.

gif from screenshots of part of the second (supplemented and sorted) program response


For some combination of symptoms, hundreds of disease options will be possible.

Note the pathologies that have the highest number of matching symptoms and are drawn by short cause-and-effect chains. If after pressing the `new question` button, the list of additional symptoms is not deleted, then in the newly issued answer, Etiona Will place such diseases at the very beginning of the queue of graphs, sorting his answer in the order of occurrence of the given symptoms with the maximum probability.

As a result, You will be able to select several variants of diseases for priority confirmation (or exclusion) by narrow specialists.

Option: All the causes

Find out the closest possible causes of the symptom of "suffocation"

Similarly, go to the "Options" tab, and then select the "All reasons" option

Step 1

Enter the fact of interest

Selecting a fact from the drop-down list, click on the button 'Find out Etiona`s answer', after which we will wait for the answer to be drawn

screenshot of symptom input window

Step 2

Get the answer.

The response graph consists of the fact you entered (the pink center node) and the set of its immediate causes (blue nodes).

gif from screenshots of part of the program response


You should analyze all the possible causes. It is necessary to exclude or confirm the importance of these reasons in each case together with a specialist doctor. Those reasons that were confirmed by the results of examinations by medical workers, in turn, must be reanalyzed for reasons already for them, and so on until the dynamics of the development of this symptoms becomes fully understood.

Опция: Все следствия

Узнаем все ближайщие возможные следствия для заболевания "Кандидоз"

Аналогично, перейдем во вкладку "Опции", после чего выберем опцию "Все следствия"

Step 1

Введем интересующий факт

Выбрав факт из выпадающего списка, нажмем кнопку 'узнать ответ Этионы', после чего подождем отрисовки ответа

screenshot of symptom input window

Step 2

Get the answer.

Граф ответа состоит из введенного вами факта (узел голубого центра) и множества его ближайщих следствий (узлы розового цвета).

gif from screenshots of part of the program response


Рассмотрите все имеющиеся возможные следствия. Даже при подтверждении у пациента диагноза кандидоз, у него может присутствовать лишь малая часть перечисленных в графе симптомов. И наоборот, даже если часть следствий совпала с симптомами пациента - это не значит, что у него кандидоз. Исключить, либо подтвердить наличие заболевания в каждом конкретном случае нужно с врачом-специалистом.

Опция: Причинно-следственные цепочки

Какими путями грипп может привести к рвоте? Узнаем возможные причинно-следственные цепочки между причиной "грипп" и следствием "рвота".

Аналогично, перейдем во вкладку "Опции", после чего выберем опцию "Причинно-следственные цепочки"

Step 1

Введем интересующие причину и следствие

Заполнив каждое поле фактом из выпадающего списка, нажмем кнопку 'узнать ответ Этионы', после чего подождем отрисовки ответа

screenshot of symptom input window

Step 2

Get the answer.

Каждая из цепочек причинно-свведенных связей в ответе содержит: причину - узел желтого цвета, следствие - розового цвета, между ними промежуточные узлы патогенеза.

gif from screenshots of part of the program response


Рассмотрите все отрисованные причинно-следственные цепочки, для переключения между ними воспользуйтесь кнопками "вперед" и "назад" . Вам следует подвергнуть анализу все промежуточные узлы в цепочках. Для некоторых пар причина-следствие возможно сразу несколько корректных причинно-следственных цепочек. Подтвердите или исключите их важность для данного пациента вместе с врачом, компетентном в данном вопросе.

About the author

`Etiona` was written by practitioner Khatmullina E.V.

This online service is an attempt to algorithmize the logic of the clinical thinking of a doctor to automate the solution of diagnostic puzzles.


If You have any suggestions for the development of the project, You want to leave a review about the work of Etiona or found any logical error in her reasoning, be sure to write to us about it.

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